How much will the work cost?
We will provide you an estimate for the cost of the work.  Much of our work is “fixed price,” meaning that we will negotiate a fixed contract amount with the client before starting a job.  Some projects are better suited as “Time and Materials”. 

Contracts & Payments: 

What type of contract do you use?
If it is decided that you will go ahead with us, we will finalize a detailed contract that matches the detailed plans.  It is a standard contract drawn from various sources.  It uses relatively simple terminology and language including all necessary state and federally required information.  We prefer to use our own contract, although we will substitute AIA contracts when the Owner or Architect specifies them. 


How long have you been in business?
Conneely Contracting, Inc. has been a family owned and operated business for over 20 years, specializing in custom residential and light commercial remodeling.  Martin K. Conneely, owner and president has taken great strides to develop a company that focuses on organization, communication and dedication to customer satisfaction.


What is the process?
After the initial telephone conversation, an appointment is made to view the project.  At the meeting, Martin has a thorough discussion about the full scope of work and the time frame – in order to decide if the project would be mutually beneficial.  We, along with our clients decide whether or not to move forward. We do not charge for this initial meeting.

Can you help me pick materials and finishes?
Yes, we have an extensive list of distributors as well as websites with product literature and samples.  We often help clients and designers select materials.  We can help make sure they are both aesthetically pleasing and cost affective.  Also, we know which products have performed well for our clients in the past.

Where do you work?
Our core work area includes Arlington, Lexington, Belmont, Medford, Winchester and Watertown but we have done work in many other towns. Give us a call to discuss your project! 

What is the typical payment schedule?
Along with the contract, you will receive a schedule of events to happen, a payment schedule and suggestions with regard to materials when needed to be picked out and onsite. Time and material invoices will be sent out when work is complete.  Extra work orders will be sent out before work has begun so that you can keep track of your overall budget.

How big is your company?
Our company currently has 2 Production Managers, 2 Office Personnel and a great crew of Skilled Craftsmen.  Each job is assigned a dedicated Project Manager, who remains with the job.  This provides the “small company” benefit of close attention to each individual job while allowing the “large company” benefit of experienced professional management.

What kind of work do you prefer?
We really do not have a preference towards any type of job.  We look at all prospective projects as important and thus have a broad scope of remodeling and building experience.


What if we already have our own architect and or designer?  Can you still work with us?
Of Course.  In fact most of our work is designed by outside architects and designers rather than in-house.  We love to be inspired by the ideas of architects and designers, although we prefer to be involved in the early stages of the project so we can consult on design and cost to keep the project on track.  We also have a wonderful array of Architects that we deal with and highly recommend that can help suit your needs. 


With all the jobs going on, how do you make sure my job is handled properly?
Our production team is broken into groups with a Project Manager and Lead Carpenter.  Martin also oversees all production at every jobsite.  No matter how small or how large of a project, it is our goal that every client feel as though their project is the most important thing we have to do today. 

Do you subcontract some of the work?
We subcontract much of our specialized work, concrete, plumbing, electrical, heating, drywall, etc. This saves our clients time and money, since we could not possibly have the in-house expertise and equipment available from the best subcontractor specialists.  But please note that we have been associated and worked with these subcontractors for many years and have the utmost respect and trust in them to do the job right and in a timely manner.

How long will my job take?
We provide you with a schedule for every job that we undertake.  These schedules list the weekly and monthly scope of work to be performed along with when certain subcontractors will be on-site.  We try our best to give our clients realistic schedules but to also remind you that nothing is permanent.  Many things can alter the schedule such as weather, unforeseen structural issues, and material delays. Of course we aim to let you know as problems arise what the new course of action will be.

How do I find out more?
Please look through our website, then call us at 781-643-8610 or send us an email.  We have many past clients who are willing to show off their projects and we can arrange a tour.

Will I get the best price with Conneely Contracting, Inc.?
Prices in the industry vary greatly from contractor to contractor. With Conneely Contracting Inc. you can be sure you will get great quality, amazing craftsmanship and responsive customer support. We focus on helping our clients in getting the best value, not necessarily the lowest price.  As we learn the priorities, we fine-tune our recommendations regarding subcontractors, materials, and methods to help our clients and theirs designers realize the highest satisfaction for their budget.